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Automobile Accidents

Car, Truck, and Boating Accidents

Was the car accident that seriously injured you the fault of someone else? Have you encountered lingering physical pain and financial hardship ever since your collision?

If you are injured in an automobile accident, Massachusetts insurance provides no-fault benefits for lost wages and medical bills according to prescribed limits, as long your premiums have been paid.

We can also represent your interests if you have been struck by an uninsured or underinsured driver. Our full-service personal injury law firm is ready to stand by you, throughout the legal process, regardless of the circumstances surrounding your car accident. You will appreciate the high level of personal service we can provide.

We serve residents in Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties with aggressive legal representation. People injured in car and SUV accidents have rights. We take those rights extremely seriously and will speak persuasively on your behalf in negotiations and in court, if necessary.

A truck accident on our Massachusetts highways can cause serious, life-altering personal injuries. If that has been your unfortunate experience in an accident triggered by someone else's negligence, the law office of Charles M. Giacoppe is prepared to help you.

You can trust our full-service injury lawyer's 36 years of experience serving clients in Worcester and surrounding counties. We have the comprehensive legal knowledge, proven negotiating and litigation strategies, and personal commitment to you that can get results.

Your truck accident may have been the fault of someone in a car or on a motorcycle. Fatal injuries to a family member may necessitate a wrongful death claim. Regardless of the twists and turns your case takes, we will be in your corner, start to finish.

Whether you were were you riding one or encountered one while in your car or truck, can lead to serious injury. If the collision be attributed to someone else's negligence contact us for a free consultation.

Have you or has a loved one been seriously injured in a boating accident on a navigable body of water in Worcester, Middlesex or Norfolk counties in Massachusetts?

Those injured in boating accidents caused by the negligence of others may be entitled to be compensated for their injuries and expenses. Contact us for a free consultation and we will fight for the accident injury benefits you deserve.

Case Results

ACCIDENT: Motor Vehicle Accident
INJURIES: Two Leg Fractures, Multiple Rib Fractures
ACCIDENT: Motor Vehicle Accident
INJURIES: Low Back Disc Injury