Charles M. Giacoppe
Attorney at Law

Dog Bites

Have you, has a close friend or has your child been the recent victim of a vicious dog bite or animal attack in Massachusetts?

Many dog bite victims are, in fact, defenseless children. When an animal attack scars, disfigures or traumatizes you or a loved one, call the trusted personal injury law firm of Charles M. Giacoppe, Attorney at Law.

Your legal and health situations are the kind we have placed special focus on during 36 years of distinguished legal service to residents of Worcester, Middlesex and Norfolk counties. Our caring lawyer protects your rights and interests while actively seeking fair financial compensation from the owners of animals that are not handled responsibly.

This type of avoidable crisis can leave a lasting imprint on a person's psyche. A dog bite victim could wind up fearing all animals for the rest of his or her life. Emotional scars of this magnitude often require medical treatment and extensive therapy for indefinite periods.